The Ferrel Progressive meets The Electoral Cage

Our predicament this election: Either way you vote, you remain trapped.  But you should still vote, and vote for Clinton to stop Trump from acquiring the powers of the presidency.

Ever used a trap from an animal shelter in order to bring in a feral cat?  Here’s an analogy for this election to describe the cage we’re all in. The door at the front of the cage is left in an ‘open’ raised position, the food is at the rear of the cage on a plate.  When the cat enters and takes the bait, depressing the plate, a release mechanism is sprung and the door falls into place harmlessly behind the cat.  In our cruel and unusual, but very cleverly crafted electoral voting cage on Nov 8 there are two plates of food.  By choosing the Clinton plate the door falls behind you as normal and although you’re trapped you get to live to fight another day; in the months and years ahead you can organize, rattle the walls, overturn it, and maybe even escape.  By choosing the Trump offering, a guillotine is released right above the cat’s head.  If too many smart progressive cats back out of the cage, our voting booth, or savor voting for an alternative candidate who has no chance of winning, contributing by default to a Trump victory, then what’s left of our democracy is decapitated, as well.

Cages aside, as long as there remains the slightest chance of Trump winning, we must do all we can to encourage people to focus on eliminating that possibility come Nov 8.  Regrettably, the only name on the ballot that can do that is Clinton.

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