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Electoral College: A December Surprise?

“This petition drive presages the battles to come after the Trump administration takes power, such as defending the values, causes, programs and human beings targeted for their chopping block.”


Uh, oh, Nate Silver is Undecided

“When Nate Silver buries his predictions on his website, then you know this election is a toss-up.”
(LA Progressive)


The Feral Progressive meets The Electoral Cage

“Ever used a trap from an animal shelter in order to bring in a feral cat?  Here’s an analogy for this election to describe the cage we’re all in. “


Trump and The Click-Bait Factor

“The cumulative effect of clicking on the name Trump for over a year has created a body politic with a conditioned response, one that is beginning to register in the polls masquerading as a political opinion.”
(Longer version at LA Progressive)



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